Georgi Tomov Georgiev


Dance performance. 2017. Prevue. Performed at Ufer Studios, Berlin.

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/the wire has been plugged
/in my body there is life
/digits are both like and unlike biological organisms
/the blood is streaming
/routine tasks become automated sharing imaginary participation with the embodied
/this is a primitive type of operation
/the performance stripped of all extraneous artifice
/biological science is now information technology
/the intrusion of fictious into the real
/order into coincidence

ƒ(being) is a reimagining of the early sci-fi stage play R.U.R. written by Karl Čapek in 1920. The performative situations are (de)constructed by playing with the idea of artificially engineered life and the question of delimination between artificial and natural.

concept & direction: Jan Rozman
performers: Simone Gisela Weber, Michiyasu Furutani, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez
dramaturgy & mentoring: Mila Pavićević
outside eye: Julia Keren Turbahn
costume & set design: Judith Förster
video: Yoann Trellu
light: Miloš Vujković
music: Georgi Tomov Georgiev
production: HZT, Uferstudios, EMANAT
partner: Kimberly Kaviar
video documentation & editing: Holytropic
special thanks to: Nicola van Straaten, Litó Walkey, SODA colleagues & staff

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