Georgi Tomov Georgiev

I create experiences through installation, sculpture, music. Born in Sofia, my cultural upbringing is balanced on a thin string separating east and west, keen to both but not belonging to either. Merging this dichotomy into a lucid identity is a source of perpetual movement animating my practice. Working on a transnational level, I examine divergent histories to create a multidimensional perspective of reality. The consolidating element brings viewers out of assumed roles super-imposed by the status quo.

I work with ephemeral mediums – light and sound – and bind them to architectonic structures. My practice augments perception and reconstructs reality maintaining an idealism pertaining model of the world. Each piece calling for a critical and attentive mode of apprehension.


All texts by Georgi Tomov Georgiev, except «Being,» «Octopussy's Garden» and «Manifest: A work on progress.»

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